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I knew...

the momentary inconvenience...

would be worth it.

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For anyone searching for a pre-natal class I cannot recommend Marcia highly enough.  I began taking classes at the start of my second trimester and without a doubt it built up the core strength I needed to help carry around my rather large and leggy baby.  Even when dealing with a larger group Marcia is able to focus on the needs of the individual, helping sort out the unique array of aches and pains that go along with pregnancy, as well as challenging us to build stamina in a safe way.  I didn't quite realise how invaluable the classes would turn out to be until I went into labour.  Mine lasted 36 hours, most of which without pain relief since I wanted to go natural, and there's just no way I would have been able to keep going if I hadn't been so prepared. During the final push I tried to remember as much of Marcia's advice as possible, god bless muscle memory!

I now have the all clear from my doctor to start exercise again and my
first post natal class was bliss, an hour just to myself!  It already feels like I'm starting to get back into shape. Aside from all the physical benefits, I should also add that Marcia makes a Sunday morning workout a lot of fun! Thanks Marcia!

Ellie Watts-Russell


I started attending Marcia’s post-natal Pilates class about 7 weeks after giving birth to my second child and have been doing Pilates consistently with her for almost two years.  The fact that I have remained engaged in any kind of “personal wellness” activity for this long and with this consistency while working full time with two kids is a testament to Marcia’s gentle yet impactful approach.  She made physical activity seem possible during post-natal and on an ongoing basis she seamlessly adapts to my energy level and progress so that every week I feel like I am challenged but not overwhelmed or demotivated.

Jessica Droste Yagan


I have been taking Pilates on and off for about ten years now, and Marcia is by far the best instructor I have ever had.  She knows my limits, and pushes me to exceed my expectations of my body while making both of us smile.  Marcia has a theraputic approach to Pilates; she knows my job works my body hard, and tries to help me strengthen areas of weakness.  I look forward to our weekly sessions, and feel great after them.

Liz Russell


After three years of law school, my back, my neck and the rest of my body were suffering.  Marcia taught me how to breathe and helped me strengthen my core so that spending hours at my desk in classes and at work would stop taking a toll on my 25-year-old body.  Private classes with Marcia also helped me know how to self-correct in group classes and while doing exercises at home.  I would highly recommend her to any of my friends!

Kate Taylor Battle


Marcia inspired me to try Pilates 4 years ago and I have been hooked since! She is very patient and pushes me to the next level while keeping the mood light. I never get bored and also never feel intimated with trying something new. I have noticed a big change is my posture, my energy and my overall strength and body tone.

Patti Freko


Having had a couple of years experience with another Pilates method and many years of dance training, I wasn’t sure how her style would fit with my background, but Marcia consistently challenges me in new, fun ways that both compliment and expand on my previous experience. She has an amazing gift for assessing what’s going on with my body. Instead of simply walking me through a workout, she strategically engineers one that it is highly customized to what I need both physically and emotionally.  Also, her enthusiasm and genuine interest in my progress are contagious, as is her sense of humor.

Jen Wilding


If you've never taken pilates (or even if you have), Marcia will lead you through the intricacies of the practice with patient guidance.  But don't be fooled.  Pilates is not for wimps.  Be ready to work.  And, with that, be ready to see results.

Chris Rice


From day one, I fell in love with Pilates and my instructor Marcia. Pilates helps tone and sculpt your body in ways other workout methods can’t.  Marcia is an outstanding instructor. She has a real passion for Pilates and that energy is incredibly infectious during workouts. Marcia always finds ways to change up my lessons so they’re always entertaining and challenging. Regardless of my energy level, she’ll always get me sweating.  I think the most important thing I’ve learned from Marcia is to breathe and connect my movements with conscious thought. I’m in the best shape of my life and I have never been more in tune with my body. Pilates becomes a way of life…and Marcia will become your best friend.

Jennifer Reed

Marcia is by far the best pilates instructor I have ever worked with.  I saw noticeable differences in my whole body after meeting her once a week for just three months.  Her knowledge, attention to detail, and the way she describes things really led me to a new level in my strength and toning. She was always introducing me to new exercises - every session was an adventure. I was in the best shape of my life when working with Marcia. I only wish I didn't have to move away!

Felicia Schneiderhan


My first experience with Pilates was private lessons with Marcia Brenner at Frog Temple.  Marcia did a great job explaining the basics and how my body works.  She is very patient and knowledgeable about anatomy.  Marcia gave very descriptive imagery for several moves so I was able to understand the correct motions and muscles to use.  After a few sessions I felt my core strengthen and noticed a difference in my posture, especially when I was sitting at a computer!  The lessons were fun and varied so I never got bored.  Marcia asked for specific concerns and limitations and was able to work within my limits.  (I’ve had reconstruction surgery on my knee.) 

Peri Osako