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For all the complaints...About spring rains...

I knew...

the momentary inconvenience...

would be worth it.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Get Out

Green Smoothie #1

½ banana, frozen

½ cup frozen Mango or Peaches

fresh spinach leaves, 1 cup, packed tightly

soy milk (or almond milk, but soy has more protein), or coconut water

almond butter, 2 Tbsp (preferably raw and unsalted)


vanilla extract

As usual, put your fiber (the spinach) at the bottom of the blender where the blades can pulverize them first. Top with the frozen fruit, dollop the almond butter atop that, sprinkle with some cinnamon (about ½ tsp, or to taste), and then pour about 6-8oz of soy milk or coconut water in and blend until smooth. You can use vanilla soy milk or light soy, although if using unsweetened you may want to add a packet of stevia or splenda, but that depends on your fruit freshness. You can also add ice, per above directions, but if your fruit is well frozen, the shake with be smooth, cold and creamy. Yes, so it’s Kermit green. Muppets are way cool. Close your eyes, if needed, and then wonder aloud that you can’t taste the spinach, not at all. In fact, it’s amazing how the almond butter and cinnamon and fruit have made some entirely new, delicious flavor. Perhaps you feel the need to get online and comment on it. Feel your spirits lift as you realize you could probably drink this every day, except you know you gotta get out of that food-rut mindset; okay, maybe three days. Maybe you’ll even try that scary kale one I listed first. Yes, I know, you’re “working your way” there, one vegetable at a time.