New Math: Juggling Equation of the Month


For all the complaints...About spring rains...

I knew...

the momentary inconvenience...

would be worth it.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Get Out
I remember this cheap, plastic toy I used to find in birthday party gift bags: a thin plastic disk, half the size of a business card containing 6 tiny silver balls, and 6 matching divots for them to roll into. You'd hold the thing (much like a modern texter does his phone) biting your lip in concentration, tilting it slightly this way, infinitesimally that way, trying to get all the balls into the divots.
And you'd get some in. One, two...sometimes as many as four. But that elusive fifth ball was always the undoing of the first four. Tilt it just enough...and there go your first four balls, now loose again. Phooey. Rats. I quit.
Life goes on, we age, the game has changed, and it has a lot more balls! But I've added a few of my own into the mix to keep life manageable, even beautiful--Pilates, biking, nutrition knowledge, breathing, writing, and more. I'm up for the challenge! Join me?