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Should Auld Habits Be Forgot...

Like millions of other people, I spend the first days of the Happy New Year berating myself for the sins of the holiday season. I was pretty stoked that I hadn’t put any extra weight on by Christmas; thanks to great weather I was still biking most days of the week, and I was convinced that extra 30 minutes a day was keeping the pounds at bay. So I had that extra cheese, that third beer at the party, a few of those cookies, and well that cake was homemade, so…. I had a doctor’s appointment December 29th and noted I was up two pounds; January 1st I stepped on the scale and saw three more and freaked out. I should say it wasn’t just the number on the scale; I felt pretty gross. “How did this happen?” I asked myself, but I knew how. Some sneaky snacking had crept on during December. Where did all my good auld habits go so fast?

It’s funny how committed we are to practicing negative habits, like chastising ourselves for overdoing it in December, rather than remembering it takes the same amount of energy to just get back on track with eating. When I was a Weight Watchers meeting leader, I used to remind my members (and myself) that we didn’t get activity points for bitching ourselves out. So January 3rd, I brushed off the Champion juicer, made some fresh grapefruit juice with ginger and a few clementines and focused on getting back on track. And the best way to get back on track with eating, I find, is to focus first on vegetables (and fruits), because they have magic powers over my eating habits, and it’s one thing I know I can do that will affect everything else.

I can play the sneaky game too; I’m the 007 of stealth vegetable eating—sneaking veggies in at all mealtimes in ways even a master veggie detester would enjoy. 

I realize there are some folks who say they hate vegetables. To them I say, really? ALL vegetables? And then I ask them about how long they’ve had this prejudice—because the fact is vegetables come in many different tastes, and it can take a bit of practice to acquire a craving for something. Getting fruit in isn’t hard for many folks, and I once dated a guy who figured he had his veggies covered by eating a baked potato every day, and putting a slice of tomato on his sandwich. Let’s face it: we can treat the green stuff like something punitive, putting it off like a tiresome chore, forcing ourselves to eat massive doses of salad in penance, or unusually large portions of broccoli, only choked down by drowning the oversized portions in fatty dressing or sauces. Although I actually like vegetables I still find the best way to get my minimum of five servings a day of fruits and veggies (that’s only a half a cup for most, and a cup for leafy greens) is to sneak some in to every meal. Yes, including breakfast.  When I am getting more green vegetables (especially raw ones) I not only feel better, I also find my appetite tends to focus on healthier things and it’s loads easier to reject sugar and refined carbs.

A go-to way to start the day for me is a green smoothie. It’s a great way to try going raw, and you’ll be amazed at how eating more raw (uncooked) veggies impacts how you feel and what you crave. So here are 3 ways to sneak greens in. The smoothies are great for breakfast, or a snack, the chilaquiles make a great anytime meal. And btw, thanks to great greens, I’ve got those 5 pounds off already. So can you.


Barney Shake

Yeah, it's purple. It won't sing or dance, but it's so filling and refreshing you just might.


Green Smoothie#1

Once you get the hang of the basic green shake, experiment! This one has enough protein to get you to lunchtime.


Spinach Chilaquiles

Love salsa? Think of this one as the best hangover cure breakfast ever. Or dinner. Or lunch...