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For all the complaints...About spring rains...

I knew...

the momentary inconvenience...

would be worth it.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Get Out

Barney Shake

Dinosaur (Lacinto) Kale, 2 large leaves or 3 small

fresh mint leaves

Pineapple, fresh, chopped into pieces, ¾ cup

Frozen blueberries, ½ cup

fresh ginger, grated (keep your piece of ginger in a baggie in the freezer for this)

apple cider

(optional, add protein powder)

Rip kale into pieces and put at the bottom of the blender. You can use the ribs, but if it’s your first time doing this and the kale is freaking you out (They call it dinosaur kale ‘cause it looks like dinosaur skin. Sorry. I’ll stop now.) just strip the leaves off and discard the ribs. Take three or four springs of mint and strip the leaves, adding to the kale. (You want the greens on the bottom so they blend more easily.) Atop the greens add the pineapple, then the frozen blueberries. Using a microplane grater, shave yourself some fresh ginger. I love the stuff, so I tend to shave about a Tablespoon, but you can eliminate it altogether if you want. A friend taught me that keeping the ginger frozen makes grating it much easier and keeps it fresh longer too.  Add about 6oz of cider and blend the smoothie for about two full minutes. It will be a purplish color. If it’s a bit thick, add more cider or pineapple. Adjust portions to your taste. If you use fresh blueberries, wait until the shake is well blended and then add 2-3 ice cubes. (You want to add them last otherwise the heat of the blender will just melt them and make you a watery drink rather than a smoothie.) Drink it down and pat yourself on the back for getting in 3 servings of fruits and veggies.